Hello, Louisville!

During the closing ceremonies of every Olympic Games, the host city passes on something to the next host city. At the end of the London games in August 2012, the next Olympic Games were handed over to Rio de Janeiro for 2016. The Olympic flame was extinguished, signaling the end of the games.

Although there will be no extinguished flame or an official passing-off ceremony, the National FFA Convention & Expo will be handed over from Indianapolis to Louisville, Ky., next year. The convention and expo was held in Louisville before coming to Indianapolis in 2006.

“I am excited to go to Louisville for convention next year. I like that I will have been able to attend it at both locations because it allows me to see different parts of the country,” said a Logan Denby, Ogemaw Heights FFA member. This was Denby’s first year at the convention and expo, and he was thrilled to see so many FFA members passionate about agriculture.

Moving to another location next year allows FFA members to experience a different venue and state. It also allows members to experience different atmospheres and meet new people.

“I have been to both locations and they are different, but I like them both. It will be nice to be back in Louisville next year for a change of pace,” commented retired agricultural education teacher Mike Eagan.

A few graduating Colorado FFA members are hoping to attend the convention and expo in a new place to receive their American FFA Degrees.

The National FFA Organization is pleased to be back in Louisville. We are looking forward to seeing Louisville soon, and we hope to see everyone in Kentucky!

Emily Walker is a senior at Michigan State University majoring in environmental studies and agriscience communications. This year, she’s reporting on the convention and expo as part of the National FFA Convention & Expo Newsroom Crew.



One comment on “Hello, Louisville!

  1. As an advisor, I too am excited to see the National FFA Convention ( I refuse to add Expo to my vernacular) go to Louisville. I enjoyed Lousiville MUCH, MUCH, more than the last 6 years that we have endured Indianapolis. However, I understan we will be having it in downtown Louisville rather than at the Kentucky Fair and Exposition Center. Why? The KFEC was a nearly perfect venue and almost all the events could be held in one place and more than ample parking which was close and affordable. I even understand it has been expanded so that its even larger! From a logistical and safety point of view, I don’t understand the logic behind cramming everybody into downtown.

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