FFA members develop their tickets to career success

FFA members developed their personal tickets to career success in today’s workshop, “Your Ticket to Adventure.”

This interactive workshop was presented by California State University, Chico sophomore Jessica Vazquez and junior Leslie Buckingham. Vazquez and Buckingham guided FFA members through various agriculture career pathways and helped them learn how to meet their career goals.

An important part of FFA is guiding members to career success, Vazquez said. She and Buckingham hoped to make members aware of the opportunities available to them.

“This workshop is really successful in helping students find career success,” she said.

FFA members began by exploring different agriculture career pathways including animal systems; agribusiness systems; environmental systems; food products and processing systems; natural resource systems; plant systems; and power, structural and technology systems.

In teams, members drew pictures to represent a specific career pathway. Then, they were given cards with specific careers and matched them to the correct pathway.

Then, FFA members filled out career exploration tests to see which careers fit them based on personal interests, including preferences of indoor or outdoor and individual or team work.

“Even though we may not know exactly what we want to do, we know certain things we do or don’t want to do,” Buckingham told members.

The evaluations helped FFA members identify their top three career choices. Some results included veterinarians, farm managers and biochemists.

Then, Vazquez explained three different pathways to higher education: technical schools, 2-year colleges and 4-year schools. The career exploration test helped students identify which path they should take to meet their career goals.

Finally, FFA members compiled what they learned to develop their personalized ticket to the adventure for their future career. The first part of the ticket is their chosen career, the next is what higher education they should pursue and the third is what tests and applications they should complete to get to that higher education.

Buckingham said they hoped to give FFA members the advantage of knowing what steps they need to take to reach their educational and career goals.

“They may know they want to go to college but are not aware of all of the options or how to get there,” Buckingham said.

Megan Eichele and Tim Brame, Fessenden-Bowden FFA members from North Dakota, said they found the workshop to be very helpful. Both have a few ideas for future career goals but are a little unsure.

Eichele found it helpful that some of her career ideas came up in today’s activities.

Brame said he had a similar experience.

“It really helped me figure things out,” Brame said.


Courtney Leeper is a sophomore Science and Agricultural Journalism major at the University of Missouri-Columbia. Originally from Trenton, Mo., Courtney was a member of the Trenton FFA Chapter.



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