Grow your future with AgCN

The theme for the 85th National FFA Convention and Expo is ‘Grow’, and with all the opportunities available here in Indianapolis and nation-wide from chapter to chapter, it’s hard not to do some growing, both personally and professionally. But how do you make the most of these new experiences? The Agricultural Career Network (AgCN) is here to help.

Fondly referred to as the “8th Wonder of the World” by some AgCN experts, the network offers members a wealth of professional resources at the click of a mouse. Advisors start the network in their classroom, allowing it to track and record all the experiences each member puts under his or her belt.

Maybe you’re looking at possible careers?  Or, maybe you have a hunch of what you want to do, but have no idea what schools offer programs related to it? By filtering through all of your experiences, AgCN can suggest possible career pathways, universities you might want to consider to attend and even scholarships to help you pay for the cost of that degree.

Perhaps you’re a collegiate member starting to think about graduation., a section of AgCN, can help you narrow down and seek out job openings nationwide. Additionally, it offers other aspects of career cruising and assessment to help you along your educational pathway.

Although career success is a main focus of AgCN, the process of obtaining that success is rooted in personal growth. Besides connecting members with tools to help them on their way, AgCN encourages students to push themselves outside of their comfort zones and try something new.

So whether it’s a new career development event (CDE) you’re thinking about trying out or a leadership conference you’ve never been to, push yourself to expand your horizons.

The reward? An endless wealth of opportunity for the future.

For more information on AgCN and to sign up, visit

Hannah Kleckner is an Agriculture Sciences major at Penn State. Originally from Annville, Pa., Hannah was a member of the Little Dutchmen FFA Chapter but now serves as a member of the Penn State Collegiate FFA.


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