Career fair seeks passionate FFA members during the convention and expo


For many high school students, choosing a college comes with a lot of mixed feelings.  The process can be overwhelming and challenging, but with some guidance, the journey to finding the right college can be less stressful.

As thousands of FFA members learn, explore and shop at the National FFA Expo, they also have the opportunity to speak with numerous college recruiters and admissions counselors at the Collegiate and Alumni Career Fair.

“We want FFA members to know that there are tons of jobs and opportunities available in agriculture,” said Mackenah Simmons, a recruiter for Suny Cobleskill. “We want students who are passionate about their career success, and this particular audience is perfect to find those students.”

Several colleges make their presence known in the expo, with energetic recruiters speaking to convention and expo attendees about what their specific college is all about.

“It’s really helpful to see all of the different schools and what all they have to offer,” said high school sophomore Bryanne Walker from Gilbert, Ariz. “I’m trying to get a feel for what some of these colleges want from students like myself.”

Many of the colleges that have exhibits at the expo have majors in, or closely related to, a field in agriculture, which is why many of them believe that the convention and expo is the ideal opportunity to find students interested in careers in agriculture.

“We bring our exhibit to convention because we think FFA members are the ideal target market.  The quality of the students involved with FFA makes us want to come out here and try and recruit at many as we can,” said Dirk Bosgraf, director of marketing at Meredith Manor Equestrian Career College.

Christopher Hudson, a junior at The University of Missouri as well as a former FFA member, also feels that the convention and expo is the ideal opportunity to recruit potential students.

“Seeing all of these passionate students in their Official Dress is exactly what we want.  Anytime I get to see blue jackets is a good day for me,” he said.

The collegiate and alumni fair continues through Saturday, Oct. 27. To learn more, visit the Collegiate FFA webpage.


~Abbey Nickel is a sophomore at The University of Findlay studying journalism.  This year, she’s reporting on the convention and expo as part of the National FFA Convention & Expo Newsroom Crew. 


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