FFA convention broadcast to launch digital television network partnership


For the first time, those interested in viewing the National FFA Convention & Expo will have both broadcast and digital viewing options thanks to a new partnership between iHigh.com, Alltech, and Rural Media Group, Inc., who have joined forces to launch MyRURALTV.com on iHigh.com.

The MyRURALTV.com site on iHigh.com offers the world’s largest library of rural-based programming which is made available at no charge to the viewer.  Over 140 independent program producers anchor the site with 5,000+ hours archived at this time.   The site is updated weekly with additional offerings coming from both the RFD-TV and RURAL TV broadcasts, which break the site down into separate channels for agriculture, equine, rural lifestyle, and traditional music & entertainment.  MyRURALTV is supported by advertising, which can be targeted for regional spots down to the viewer’s zip code.

“The FFA Convention is the perfect opportunity to unveil this new technology, as it will allow us to showcase exactly how major rural events can now be covered,” stated Patrick Gottsch, Rural Media Group’s Founder & President.  “Not only will viewers be able to watch on their computer, iPad, or mobile devices around the world, but the event itself can receive additional coverage that has never been possible before with our television broadcasts.  Anyone now has the option to watch as-it-happens or anytime at their convenience”

This year, all nine FFA sessions totaling in excess of 40 hours taking place between October 24-27 will be broadcast “live” on RFD-TV, as well as, simulcast online at MyRURALTV.com and iHigh.com/FFA.  In addition, six of the career development events (CDE) will also be available through the partnership, as well as, special features produced by the RURAL TV news team in association with the FFA communications department.  FFA chapters will also be invited to upload their photos and videos during convention on their iHigh sites.

“What’s really inspiring is to witness the outstanding accomplishments of these students.” said Dwight Armstrong, chief executive officer for the National FFA Organization.  “In addition to academic achievements in the science, business, and technology of agriculture, FFA members are becoming strong leaders for their communities and industry.  Thanks to the broadcasts, millions can join the celebration and support these FFA members as they prepare to feed the world.”

“The combination of the iHigh technology, RFD-TV/RURAL TV’s massive programming, and Alltech’s marketing make this an ideal partnership which will revolutionize communication not only for rural America, but the rural world,” offered Jim Host, Founder/President of iHigh.com.  “FFA members, advisors, and family will be blown away by the volume of coverage now available from their convention.  We will also be able to offer this service to FFA state conventions in the coming year.”


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